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You’re Only Marvellous - Necklace

You’re Only Marvellous - Necklace

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This Sterling Silver necklace is available in two different chains and sizes of T-bar. 

You’re Only Marvellous ‘I’ is on a finer, lighter chain with the T-bar measuring 24mm.

You’re Only Marvellous ‘II’ is on a heavier chain with the T-bar measuring 37mm. 

This collection is inspired by a necklace worn by my husband’s wonderful Grandma, Judy Young.

The necklace was originally a watch chain. When it was passed down to Judy’s husband, Marshall, he added a clasp so she could wear it as a necklace.

“You’re Only Marvellous” was her all time favourite phrase, said as a form of love and praise. If her children tried hard she said it, if they were fretting she said it. Always with her hand on a cheek and eye contact. Building up confidence and esteem.

Photograph: Judy & Marshall on the rocks at Portstewart

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