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Just Breathe - Necklace

Just Breathe - Necklace

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Do you have a place where you go to, and your shoulders lower a little, your mind starts to clear, and you take a big breath in and breathe out… and there we are. We’re ok. I’m ok. Just Breathe.

For me, that place is The White Rocks, Portrush. My inspiration for this collection.

The textured Sterling Silver discs are inspired by the rugged coastline, the wild untouched sand dunes and the stormy seas.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the feels, just breathe.

The necklace is available with two sizes of Sterling Silver discs: Small (1cm diameter) and Medium (1.5cm diameter).

Due to the nature of the design of this collection, each Sterling Silver disc will vary slightly.

Earrings are also available in this collection.

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